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Machine translation could break patent deadlock

Brussels is abuzz with speculation that Europe’s fragmented, costly and complex patent regime is about to reform. At the end of last month experts from the worlds of politics, industry and academia gathered to exchange views about the issue at a Science|Business Policy Bridge meeting.

While representatives from universities and business outlined their wish lists for change (see separate section), two well-placed political figures gave their prognosis for the creation of a Community Patent and a single European patent litigation system.

Alain Pompidou, a former president of the European Patent Office and member of the European Parliament, who now advises the French government, among others, on intellectual property reform, warned the 40-strong gathering that failure to make a breakthrough now could render Europe's patent system redundant, due to technological changes afoot.


By Paul Meller, Brussels in Science Business

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Pub. date : 12 june 2008



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