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English's Primacy

The visitors of your pages essentially understand their mother tongue.

Extend your readership,

Extend your leadership

Each request being specific, your agency offers services and rates that best suit your needs, and is committed to respond to your enquiries within 2 to 12 hours.

Passion of languages, passion of the language

Copywriters, translators, interpreters, guides, editors, proofreaders of Lingua Veritas are all experienced professionals, lovers of words; people who daily live their passion for languages.

Our agency is dependent on your success

Because it conditions ours, that’s why we put all our energy to provide you with the best services to accompany all your projects.

A proven quality

For many years, quite a number of customers have been relying on us: companies, governmental organisms, television channels, pubishers, translation, press, event, monitoring agencies...
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A vocation for perfection

LINGUA VERITAS was founded in 2001, the original simple collective of translators and proofreaders has rapidly grown to offer other indispensable competences to the realization of projects.
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High-quality translation services over the Internet - professional solutions for translating all your documents.

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