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News:Argos:The Balkans: Eastern Europe's new emerging market

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Emerging market operators to make European moves

Telcos admit to longer-term ambitions; Middle Eastern players talk about consolidation and 3G.

Operators from higher growth markets, including eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, will make investments in Western Europe in years to come, according to delegates representing emerging market players at the Telecom World Congress on Tuesday.

"The Middle East has got a tremendous capacity to invest," as well as the desire to invest, said Ross Cormack, CEO of Nawras, the Oman unit of Qatari incumbent Qtel.

Total Telecom - April 16, 2008



The Balkans: Europe's new emerging market

After decade of communist rule in the region, several Balkan states went on to endure civil war. With the war ended, Bosnia and Yugoslavia, Albania and Macedonia are still dealing with ethnic tensions and political instability. This has had a heavy impact on the economic situation in the Balkan markets. Only Slovenia and, to a lesser extent, Croatia are exceptions to the rule that the Balkan countries still have a lot of economic catching up to do when compared to the Central European states. Lack of infrastructure, massive bureaucracy, corruption, high unemployment rates and a thriving black market circuit can hardly serve to encourage investors to set up businesses in this south-eastern part of Europe.

Pascal Kuipers Elsevier Food International, Vol. 5, Number 2, May 2002 Food International



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