News:Argos:BNP Paribas given until June 4 to agree to Bulgaria's terms on Belene


Bulgaria’s state-owned power grid operator, the National Electricity Company (NEC), would prefer French bank Societe Generale to BNP Paribas as the financing party in the project to build Bulgaria’s second nuclear power plant at Belene, Dnevnik daily quoted NEC senior managers as saying on June 1.

BNP Paribas was picked by NEC to arrange a syndicated loan for the Belene power plant projecdt. The parties have been in talks, with NEC refusing to pay the lender if it fails to procure financing and withdraws at a certain point in time. If NEC concedes to this condition, it would entirely assume the risk and affiliated costs on BNP’s failure to procure the necessary financing, the daily said.

Sofia Echo



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