News:Argos:Goldbach Media expands into Southeastern Europe

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The Goldbach Media Group acquires 70% of the A. D. Projekti d.o.o. in Croatia, a holding with a 50% stake in AdOn Internet Medijski Servisi in Zagreb, Croatia, and 100% of I Media d.o.o. in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Both companies operate profitably with 2.7 Mio. Swiss Francs in revenue in 2007. The newly acquired companies will operate under the AdLINK brand and will be fully integrated into the European AdLINK network. Both companies are market leaders in their respective markets. Vedran Bilos, Managing Director of A.D Projekti d.o.o. will remain in his position as Managing Director and will hold a stake of 10% in the company. An additional 20% will remain with Norbert Rom, a enterpreneur from Vorarlberg region. DZS the publicly traded Slovenian Publishing Group will keep its 50% stake in AdOn Internet Medijski Servisi in Zagreb. The transaction is expected to close within the next weeks and the parties have agreed not to make the purchase price public.

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