News:Argos:Europe Croatia first candidate country to join EU MEDIA 2007 programme

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Today a Memorandum of Understanding making Croatia the first candidate country to join the MEDIA 2007 programme was signed by Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media, and Ambassador Branko Baricevic;

Head of the Croatian Mission to the EU. MEDIA 2007 will strengthen the competitiveness of the Croatian audiovisual sector by facilitating access to financing and supporting the transition towards digital technology in the development, distribution and promotion of audiovisual works, and by helping the training of Croatian film people and the cooperation between film schools. Croatia's participation in MEDIA 2007 is a result of its progress in complying with EU audiovisual rules and acquis, in particular the Television without Frontiers Directive. Croatia will, as all non-EU participating countries do, contribute to the budget of MEDIA 2007 (contribution will be of 127 333 euros in 2008 and increase to 139 546 euros in 2013).




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