Gazette:News:Technologies: Translating sign language with a turn of the hand, EnableTalks wins the Imagine Cup 2012

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La Gazette

July 10 2012


EnableTalk wins Microsoft Imagine Cup Prize 2012

“Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems”, with such a theme, most teams of the Imagine Cup 2012 focused on the environment and healthcare.

The winners, QuadSquad, an Ukrainian students group, invented motion-sensing gloves that would allow deaf and mute people to have their signs instantly translated into speech. QuadSquad members were inspired by interactions with hearing-impaired athletes at their university.

EnableTalk, their wireless solution can connect to a simple smartphone via a software, for a very affordable price under $100 (instead of more than $1200 for existing wire-connected gloves with fewer sensors). Students precised that many languages and library will be supported and may be modified. About 300 millions people (40 millions in Europe) are unable to use speech to communicate.

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