Gazette:News:Taipei or not Taipei (中華台北 or 中國台北)

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La Gazette

.../ That honorable name, mutually agreed upon by Taipei and Beijing, is a small nightmare for the people responsible for translating it into Chinese.

Finally, the title was translated as "Zhong-hua Taipei (中華台北)" in Taipei and "Zhong-guo Taipei (中國台北)" in Beijing. Zhong-hua and Zhong-guo both mean China or Chinese in English, the only difference being "hua" stressing "flower" against the "country" for "guo." Participants in the Olympics from Taiwan call themselves representatives of Zhong-hua Taipei, but are addressed by the Chinese as those from Zhong-guo Taipei. Confusing? Well, it's just politically correct gobbledygook. /...

The China Post



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