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Press cut 2012-04-28

For the first time in 40 years, an anthology of modern Serbian literature was published in Albanian in Pristina, and the anthology of Albanian literature in Kosovo was published in Serbian in Belgrade. ... In an effort to expand literary co-operation between Belgrade and Pristina, editors of the cultural literacy periodical Beton -- a supplement of the Serbian daily Danas since 2006 -- came up with the idea to translate and publish writings by Albanian authors from Kosovo for a Serbian audience.


These two anthologies -- named, appropriately, From Belgrade with Love and From Pristina with Love -- contain exclusive literary works created in Kosovo and in Serbia after the 1970s.

The authors -- which include Jeton Neziraj, Shkelzen Maliqi, Sasa Ilic, Milos Zivanovic, Halil Matoshi and Arbeni Idrizi -- said they were honoured to take part in the project.


Zivanovic stressed the difficulties with the translations. There are no Albanian interpreters in Serbia aside from one university professor who took a small part of the translation.

"The most was translated by the Albanian translators who are bilingual," Zivanovic told SETimes.


"These anthologies are a [the result of] serious effort to introduce literary scenes of the two countries and to forward to each other the messages of trust beyond the endless prejudices, hatred, war pain and suffering, above all political and other obstacles that may exist," Neziraj said.

A new joint project between Beton and the Kosovo writers -- an international poetry festival titled Polip -- will be held from May 11th to 13th in Pristina.

Beton will soon be published in Albanian, and translations of two more books are in the process -- a book of poetry by Albanian poet Arben Idrizi and a book of Serbian poetry by Zivanovic.

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