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Translation mission gets under way

8,000 translators, 2,000 evaluators required now

Target is to translate 8,800 books by next Five Year Plan

MYSORE: The National Translation Mission has got the approval of the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development, and Mysore-based Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), chief facilitator of the translation exercise involving 22 Indian languages, has launched the mission.

The Union Government has released Rs. 99 crore under the 11th Plan for carrying out activities such as promotion of good-quality translation of knowledge-based texts into all eighth Schedule languages; generation of high-quality translation tools such as dictionaries and software; translator education; information dissemination; development of scientific and technical terminology in all 22 languages in the eighth schedule; and promotion of machine translation and machine-aided translation.

CIIL Director Udainarayan Singh said at a press conference here on Wednesday that the States; the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology; the National Council for Educational Research and Training; the National Book Trust; the University Grants Commission; the Sahitya Akademi; the Granth Akademies; and public library networks would be involved in the exercise.

Several institutions and publications had been roped in as the scale of the project was huge and the CIIL alone would not be able to complete the task, he added.

To begin with, 8,000 translators, 2,000 evaluators and an equal number of copy editors would be required, he said, and added that the project would create opportunities for people to work from home.

Plan period

“We shall soon invite translators and others for the work since we have just three-and-a-half years left in the 11th Plan to complete the targeted tasks,” he said.

“In this Plan period, we are hoping to complete translation of 2,500 books. Our target is 8,800 books by the next Five Year Plan,” Mr. Singh added.

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