News:Argos:Croatia recommended to investors

Tried and True

Overseas property investors have been advised to consider purchasing a residence in Croatia.

The eastern European country was recommended by Amberlamb, which said it offers a number of attractions to foreign property buyers.

According to the organisation, Croatia is "pretty much guaranteed" to become a member of the European Union in 2010.

This is likely to trigger a period of strong economic growth in the country, with additional foreign interest driving increases in sectors such as tourism and real estate.

As a result, Amberlamb has recommended that investors enter the market early in order to snap up what are still relatively cheap properties.

The group commented: "Getting in now ahead of EU entry could offer an investor the chance to buy in ahead of an increase in demand and affluence."

Prospective buyers were told that this would allow them to benefit fully from forthcoming price gains and rental yield expansion.

This comes after Knight Frank revealed that house prices in Croatia rose by 11.6 per cent during 2007.




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